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What is Forex Mentor Pro and is it any good? It is a mentorship program developed by Peter Bain, who has influenced and educated many. Forex trading is complex and unless you have the knowledge and tactics, you won’t go far with your investment.

How Does Forex Mentor Pro Work?

As mentioned above, Forex Mentor Pro is a mentorship program that trains day trader how to execute lucrative trades. This program can suit anybody, whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader. For beginners, there is a Forex foundation video course that will teach you a variety of aspect to be an effective trader. It is a step-by-step program, which take beginners by the hand and teach them several beginners’ topics, such as setting trading station, basic technical analysis among others.

For the experienced traders, Forex Mentor Pro features 3 powerful trading systems. The first is M1-M2 trading system training. Tens of screen capture videos are featured in this training which shows charts and how to set them correctly. The M1 trading system is centered on London. The M2 forex system is centered on longer term and will teach you about trading traps among others. Other training programs in Forex Mentor Pro include; Earth & Sky Trading System and Simple Trend trading (STT). You will learn how to set up this system in a way to eliminate the good from the bad.

Forex Mentor Pro has received a good number of nods across the internet since its inception. A good program is always judged by its age, and positive reviews it has received in that duration. From these reviews, our editors are convinced that, this is a must-have training program for forex traders. We also ask users who have used Forex Mentor Pro in the past to contribute their review.

How Much Does it Cost?

The program has a $1 risk free 14 day trial and thereafter $47 per month. You can also get a 65% discount if you prepay for the whole year.

Have You Ever Used Forex Mentor Pro Before?

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