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Jason Bond Picks is a service offered by a now renowned former school teacher, who quit his job in 2011 to pursue full-time stock trading. Jason Bond, the owner of this service decided to extend his service to others through his membership website, and thousands have benefitted from his guidance and advice. He is a well-established and respected Wall Street trader, who primarily deals with small cap stocks mostly under $10.

He has been featured on several well reputed financial blogs, and he has hundreds of positive reviews across the internet. He has over 200 positive reviews on investinomials.com, a renowned investment website.

How Does Jason Bond Picks service work?

It started as a single newsletter but gradually changed and it now offers other services.  After sign up, an individual is started off with the following courses; Day trading, swing trading and short selling. This is to enhance the person’s trading skills. Each of these courses, touches the most important aspects in day trading. After one fully master the courses, he/she can make wise investing decisions. Jason Bond also responds to questions from members promptly and he try to provide a personal touch.

Apart from the offered courses, other Jason Bond Picks services include real-time text and email alerts of new trades or closing out trades, an active moderated chat room with other traders. Also, you will access a Daily Watch List that Jason is keenly watching.

How are the Courses offered?

The courses are offered through prerecorded videos by Jason Bond.  At times, he offers webinars where members can ask questions in real time. It is a well-known fact that trading small cap stocks is very risky especially for beginners. These courses are designed to teach people how to minimize risk while trading. Through his webinars, he teaches his subscribers how to execute trades by watching his screen in real time and people can ask questions by webinar charts.

How is the Chat Room?

The chat room has about 400 great traders each day from 6:00 a.m. until late after the markets have closed. Traders get live market updates and chat with each other. Jason in addition to other partners moderate the chat room and it remains professional all through.

How much is Jason Bond Picks Membership Fee?

To access this service, there is a $297 fee payable quarterly. This amount seems a little high, but as many suggest, it is well worth it. It cannot be compared to the potential gains from his alerts and mentorship. He also offers free trial to try his picks before you sign up.

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